Buy a Filter or Buy Filtered Water?

The age old statement that I hear regularly is, “I remember growing up and drinking water right out of the garden hose and I am not dead.” This statement holds true for most people. However, as we have learned in many other situations and we have all said at one point or another is, “If I only knew then what I know now.” Well, fortunately for you, we do know.

There are many ways of purifying water these days and many reasons to do so. The fact of the matter is, if you don’t buy or filter your water before consuming it, your body will filter it for you. The easiest and most healthy way to purify your water for most residential applications is with a reverse osmosis unit. For some, this is an economical and convenient method because you get continuous treated water at your tap. If this is a solution that you would like to explore, Advanced Water Treatment can educate you on the many options that we have available to clean up your water. We will discuss the maintenance associated with all of these options, along with all of their pros and cons. We offer reverse osmosis water with remineralization so the all of the bad stuff like arsenic, nitrates, chlorine, lead, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals are removed. But then we add the good stuff that your body needs such as magnesium and calcium back to the water.

If a POU drinking water filtration solution is not right for you, we also offer bottled water for delivery. This water is bottled weekly to ensure that you get superior purified water that exceeds the state’s guidelines for water quality standards. The best is that we deliver the water right to your door! This water undergoes a 12 step process, starting with city water and ending with only the freshest best tasting water possible. This solution is a great one when pretreatment is not possible or the water quality is not desirable for a reverse osmosis unit. In industrial or factory applications, jugged water is ideal because the water cooler may not be placed in a location by the water supply. We can also maintain a consistent quality and provide perfect water no matter what the location or application may be.

We would appreciate the opportunity to quote all of your water needs, now including now bottled water. We offer to keep full routes including salt, water, water cups and cooler rental.

Call us today for a free in-home water treatment evaluation. You deserve GREAT water: 1-800-273-9978.

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